Installing Kafka on Mac



To download Kafka, navigate to and click on Download button

Please select the version you want to download ( here I have selected version 2.8.0 ) and choose the Scala version as Scala 2.13 to download the tgz file :

Copy the tar file to desired location and unzip it


The directory structure of Kafka would look like below

Modify config/

Using nano editor : nano config/ need to set below properties


bin/ config/



Start the zookeeper by running the command

bin/ config/

Now if the log looks good ( without error ) , we can able to create topic and list it out

Topic Creation

To create topic, please run the below command

bin/ — bootstrap-server — create — topic demo_topic

To view the list of topics, run below command

bin/ — bootstrap-server — list [ its actually double hypen list ]

Happy Learning !

Bharathy Poovalingam

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