Spring Boot with Docker



This blog will show how to integrate Spring Data with Spring Boot. The flow will be from the Rest Controller which will wire the service to make call to JPA Repository as shown below.

Maven Dependency

Initialize the Spring Boot Application using start.spring.io with Web and JPA dependency added to it.

Need to add below dependency to support Spring Data JPA and embedded h2 database

  1. spring-boot-starter-data-jpa [ org.springframework.boot ]
  2. h2 [ com.h2database ]
Spring Data and Embedded Dependency

Repository Changes

Define an interface that extends JpaRepository for the entity along with the primary key. Here, we have an Employee Entity and the primary key data type for the entity is String.

Service Changes

Inject the Repo as dependency in Service Layer and make use of findAll() method and getById method to return the list of employees or return a specific employee

Entity Changes

Define a model, that maps entity bean to a table.

Note : Please add @JsonIgnoreProperties to override below exception

com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.InvalidDefinitionException: No serialiser found for class org.hibernate.proxy.pojo.bytebuddy.ByteBuddyInterceptor

Starter Changes

Need to add below annotation

  1. @EnableJpaRepositories
  2. @EnableEntityScan

SQL Changes

Place the SQL files in main/resources folder to load it into DB , on application startup

Config Changes

H2 Console Dashboard

We can able to access the H2 dashboard @ localhost:8095/h2-console ( Here the port no specified in application.properties should match )

And the JDBC URL should be : jdbc:h2:mem:testdb

Then click on test connection, to see its successful.


Test the endpoint through Postman

Happy Learning !

Bharathy Poovalingam